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Fully Managed IT Services

We’ll act as your single-source, trusted IT partners who seamlessly integrate with your team and systems. We understand the importance of having a strong IT plan that works to support your individual business needs. With our business IT support services, you never have to worry about trying to find new suppliers again. We get to know your business inside out, with a commitment to building long term, trusted relationships.

Cloud Integration

Our Cloud Integrator projects provide services that assist businesses to integrate their software applications using the cloud. This includes data conversion, process design, architecture and application set-up, bringing data from different sources together to enhance enterprise modernization.

Product Engineering

At ENDI - Technologies,Cloud engineering or product engineering for the cloud, is an essential component of the pre-cloud migration process. Its purpose is for us to ensure that your applications and workloads are cloud-ready, which leads to greater agility for your enterprise.

Business Security

At ENDI-Technologies, we provide different cloud services which come with different advantages and potential drawbacks, all of which need to be considered. We manage IT services for all types of organisations. Cloud computing categories we provide include: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

IT Startup Projects

We have put in place project startup checklists which are useful tools for compiling all the activities involved in getting you ready for our IT services. Organizations use these to keep their teams on track and prioritize what to complete first. The project startup checklists help allocate your resources properly and complete projects on time.

Data Infrastructure

Essentially, our infrastructure analytics processes and correlates, log data and events produced by network devices to help organizations better understand their infrastructure operations, make informed decisions and understand their impact. Our data warehouses for AWS, Azure, and Google cloud are our excellent companions.

Smart Communication

At ENDI-Technologies, we have ultra-modern communication gadgets in place. There’s a lot of different ways we communicate information to all our partners.Communication covers everything from instructing work, doing work or changing policies.Our communication methods include Electronic communication, Non-electronic communication,Written communication, Verbal communication
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At EuroNet Digital InfoSytems, we will develop an award-winning IT Support package that matches your business. Our IT Support is dependable and provides your business with valuable support. Whether you’re in need of Full or Remote Support anywhere in the world, or just wanting additional help for your in-house team, we have the package that will work. Our Full & Unlimited IT Support packages are designed to contain not only the critical IT services with unlimited usage, but also a wealth of proactive services to ensure our support remains the perfect fit for your organization.

Company Mission And Vision

Actually, It's All About You. Customer-focused may sound like just another buzzword, but for us it’s a way of doing things. By focusing on you and your needs, we’ll deliver growth through digital transformation.

  • We are committed to providing quality IT Services
  • Our benefits are endless for local IT Companies & Startups
  • Really know the true needs and expectations of customers
  • Talented & experienced management solutions for IT
  • Processes of achieving the excellence and continue improvements

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Rated excellent testimonials wherever our services have reached.We are pleased to note that the testimonials are not confined only to visitors who have come from another country. One of them was so good that he got rid of his previous provider instantly to join us, but did this by giving a glowing testimonial.

Meet The Team

EuroNet Digital InfoSystems ( ENDI-Technologies) is powered by a dedicated team of well qualified IT professionals who stand out with the best backgrounds in performance and hands-on experience. Herewith are pleased to present our team leaders.

Jefferson Dunkirk

Regional Director (Europe and the middle east)

Chi Haddison N.

Corporate Director & Global Projects Coordinator (North America, UK & The Scandinavia)

Joseph Maldison

AWS Solutions Architect Professional ( Head of IT Infrastructure)

Liam George

Microsoft AZURE Solutions Architect (Head of IT Services Delivery)

Jane Evans

Head of Marketing

Bruno Richards

Head of Network connectivity and IoT Management

siegfried Wells

IT Service Desk Manager

Peter Hughes

Cloud Engineer (AWS)

Clancy Lu

Cloud Engineer (AZURE)

Schneider Jones

Human Resources/Onboarding

Dorothy Brookes

Accountant / Financial Director

Prisha Patel

Secretary General

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