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We know you feel it—the pressure to transform your organization digitally, to release new features at a faster pace, to innovate. Software is eating the world and you need to set yourself up to bring software-based solutions to your industry. The problem? Building and running a DevOps-ready cloud operations team is hard. It takes time, experts are unicorns, and the cost of mistakes can be high. Every hour your team is putting out fires is an hour you’re not delivering great products. Every hour you’re distracted is an hour when your competition is getting ahead.

Cloud Migration to AWS

Amazon Web Services
EuroNet Digital InfoSystems maintains the completed application platform, remaining responsible for provisioning the underlying infrastructure. Any problems are quickly resolved and remain isolated to the application platform. Our team of experts provide 24x7 support and an extensive suite of services for storage, networking, virtual servers, applications, databases, and other foundational pieces of hardware and software. Our services have been audited by a third-party for operational excellence and demonstrate proven best practices for ensuring the security of the application.

Cloud Migration To Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
We migrate on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure’s public cloud offering • Increase the elasticity, availability, and connectivity of infrastructure • Distribute workloads to remove bottlenecks in operational processes. Our customer’s business model depends on the efficiency, scalability, and availability of their technology infrastructure as they expect a high-quality experience free of lags or interruptions. They need to modernize their infrastructure as they expand the number of stations in their portfolio to respond to a growing demand for online streaming. Our customer partner with us for our expertise in building and operating a cloud infrastructure.
EuroNet Digital InfoSystems seeks to: • Increase the scalability, robustness, and overall performance of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) architecture. • Create a Foundation Platform that is built on top of agnostic cloud architectures which includes Azure cloud and can be redeployed behind firewalls or in geographic regions that don’t have access to cloud-based services. • Upskill platform engineers in Kubernetes and related cloud native solutions to operate their application platforms and Foundation Platforms. • Building Kubernetes services with industry best practices. • PaaS architecture guidelines and principles to enable scalability, robustness, and overall performance. • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) models • DevOps monitoring capabilities involving Elastic ELK, Prometheus, and similar technologies • Enabling Infrastructure as Code deployments in multi-cloud environments.

DevOps Transformations

IT Networking
Accelerate your transformation to unlock new business models with new technologies. We provide consulting, culture and skills training, and custom blueprints for change. Whether you’re beginning a digital transformation for the first time or working hard to get it right, we understand the challenges that come with making such a complex set of changes. EuroNet Digital InfoSystems support you in a number of transformations: DevOps transformations to innovate at a faster pace, transformations to unlock a cloud service provider business model, and DevNetOps transformations to leverage network-as-code. The mounting pressure to deliver on these new ways of working is joined with some very real costs of getting it wrong. Technology leaders face a number of challenges when putting together a strategy for change.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud
EuroNet Digital InfoSystems helps migrate company infrastructure into the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Containerize its application workloads using GKE and AppEngine, Give its application access to a fully-automated application platform. EuroNet Digital InfoSystems seeks to leverage CloudOps’ professional services to meet the growing and diverse needs of their technology stacks, beginning with a DevOps Platform and Practices Assessment (DPPA) that gave visibility into the tools and practices being used. A combination of consulting services and project-based deliverables followed. EuroNet Digital InfoSystems migrated part of Volkswagen's Digital’s European infrastructure from AWS into GCP and leveraged Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to containerize workloads.
Comprehensive backup and replication for your Microsoft 365 suite, including unlimited storage and a tailored retention policy for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams. As a platinum partner, we provide comprehensive backup and replication for your Microsoft Office 365 suite, including purpose-built backup and recovery for Microsoft Teams. Secure Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is a fully managed service for your Microsoft Office 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams. We also offer unlimited storage and a tailored retention policy for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams. Without an easily accessible copy of your data, retrieving emails for regulatory or compliance reasons can be costly, time-consuming and a major disruption to your business.

Our Managed services are a business continuity and cloud migration solution for businesses and corporate bodies.