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EuroNet Digital InfoSystems (Europe) Ltd

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

A garden's beauty never lies in one flower.

The Anatomy

There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen. There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted.

Creative Solutions

Diversity creates dimension in the world.

Our equality,diversity and inclusion policy

diversity and inclusion

EuroNet Digital InfoSystems (ENDI-Technologies) Europe Ltd is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination. The aim is for our workforce to be truly representative of all sections of society and our customers, and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best. The organisation - in providing services and facilities - is also committed against unlawful discrimination of customers or the public.

Diversity and inclusion help desk

Please contact our help desk for more information regarding our diversity and inclusion policies.

Policy Purpose

Encourage equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace as they are good practice and make business sense. This commitment includes training managers and all other employees about their rights and responsibilities under the equality, diversity and inclusion policy.