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Data Infrastructure

ENDI-Technologies (Europe) Ltd provides first class IT solutions for businesses..

IT Cloud Integration

Serve customers wherever they are from wherever you are. ENDI-Technologies (Europe) Ltd can run support operations seamlessly while you engage with your customers

Product Engineering

Use default reports or build your own with custom metrics..

IT Startup Projects

Measure customer satisfaction after every interaction to turn an unhappy customer to a happy one

Who We Are

We are a global team of IT scientists, engineers, developers, designers, thinkers, collaborators, and problem-solvers singularly focused on creating positive impact through purpose-driven IT solutions. Our passion, perspectives, commitment, and expertise set us apart as we work together with our partners to create tomorrow's breakthrough innovations today. EuroNet Digital InfoSystems also abbreviated as "ENDI-Technologies" is a privately owned multinational information technology provider established since 1999 in Memphis Tennessee, providing professionally managed IT services to businesses and governments in 135 countries around the world. From the data center to digital transformation, to contact tracing to security requirements and compliance, the world of IT has never been more intricate. ENDI-Technologies is your qualified and trusted partner to help you along the way. ENDI-Technologies mission is simple: We optimize the ongoing operational experience for all IT environments — on-premise, hybrid, cloud — during every stage of your modernization journey. To put it simply: We take the complications out of complexity.

We Provide
Truly Professional IT Solutions.

Technology first

Collect customer requests from email, instant messages, social media, phone, live chat, web forms, etc.

Pure Methodology

Give accurate remote solutions informed with context via your customers' preferred channel. .

Startup Projects

ENDI-Technologies (Europe) Ltd provides secure and professional services and fits right in your support budget.

Workflow Management

IT Networking
Make service agents more productive by automating processes & truly impress your customers. Maximise ROI & drive efficiency from the contact center to the field

Data Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence
The use of machine learning tools for solving problems, improving business operations and automating tasks

Endpoint Security

Good Practices
Exploring and implementing security practices to protect company resources and data.
Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) protects your organization from data breaches and compliance incidents by augmenting traditional enterprise security approaches

Automatic Metadata Tagging

Artificial Intelligence
We automate metadata tagging which is better than manual tagging since it is exactly that – automated.

Best Practices

We Provide The Best
We provide a range of security options that you can use to ensure that private information is protected and secure.